Luxuriate in a restorative and flavorful vacation!

Do you…

  • Love to sample wines, beers, and spirits in interesting locations?
  • Look forward to trying new recipes and different cuisines, and learning from local experts?
  • Enjoy meeting like-minded people and making new friends on your travels?
  • Want to maintain or improve your health and fitness while satisfying your foodie cravings or expanding your culinary repertoire?

If so, you’ve found the right place!  At Grab Your Bag Travel, we create culinary and wellness travel experiences that awaken the senses and stir the soul.  Culinary travel experiences range from “slow food” trips, cooking lessons, food & wine or beer tours, farm-to-fork dining, to special dietary programs.  Wellness programs include walking or biking tours, yoga or wellness retreats, spiritual searches, spa and fitness vacations, and more.  Any of these explorations can encompass an entire vacation or a single activity, such as a special restaurant or an historic mineral bath.  We also have suggestions for medical clinics and hospitals abroad that offer programs for non-residents.


Why call us?

Grab Your Bag Travel offers a full menu of travel products and specials from top suppliers.  Through our extensive network of travel professionals, as well as personal relationships with suppliers, we can find or create the trip that matches your interests, needs, and budget.

Why use an independent travel agency instead of booking your own travel online or directly with a supplier?  Here are some important benefits for you:

  1. A relationship with a trusted advisor.  Enjoy a tailor-made vacation based on your personal preferences.
  2. Huge time savings and hassle-free planning.  This is priceless.
  3. Unbiased information.  While no one is completely bias-free, we reveal our biases and do our best to present objective recommendations based on your needs.
  4. Door-to-door service We can take care of arrangements from the time you leave home until you return, so you can have a care-free experience.
  5. Good feeling. Know that you are supporting a small business that is devoted to serving you.
  6. Peace of mind.  If problems arise, we intervene to ensure they are addressed.  We have your back.
  7. Exceptional value.  We endeavor to find the best rates, promotions, amenities, upgrades, and options.

Our mission is to help you have a delectable, memorable, and meaningful vacation while staying healthy and worry-free.


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