Travel for Wellness


Getting or staying well is at the top of everyone’s personal agenda, wouldn’t you agree? As travelers, we know the importance of taking care of our health both at home and on trips. Perhaps you want to travel to give yourself opportunities to feel better or improve your health.

Wellness vacations come in many “flavors.” In general, they combine a visit to a destination with a wellness program of some type, whether structured or unstructured. Their purpose is to improve your mental and physical state and enhance your mind, body, and spirit in ways that have meaning for you.

Your vacation could be as simple as a visit to a day spa to a week-long or longer retreat or cruise. It could be an adventure trip that gets you outdoors actively discovering new experiences and developing new skills. It could be anything that enables you to get out of your routine, gets you moving, and helps you feel alive and rejuvenated. Movement is essential for health and vitality. And, ideally, wellness travel includes an array of healthy, nutritious foods and drinks. Wellness travel can also involve traveling to another country for a medical or dental procedure, typically with a vacation component to facilitate healing.

If you have specific ideas for a perfect wellness vacation, please contact me to discuss them. Also see our Groups page if you’d like to take a group along.

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